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With New Distributed Energy Rebate, Illinois Could Challenge New York in Utility Innovation

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The Illinois Commerce Commission’s NextGrid plans grew out of the recently-passed Future Energy Jobs Act, a landmark piece of climate and energy policy that was widely heralded as a bipartisan oddity in the age of Trump. The Future Energy Jobs Act will provide significant new investments in renewables and energy efficiency over the next 13 years, redefine the role and value of rooftop solar and batteries on the grid, and lead to significant greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Commentary: As Trump Threatens Historic Climate Protections, Midwest Republican Governors Embrace Clean Energy Economy

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Contrary to what you might see in the headlines, this bipartisan approach has continued in the months since November’s election, with four Republican governors in the politically critical Midwest advancing clean-energy measures. Consider Bruce Rauner, the Republican governor of Illinois, who signed bipartisan legislation to double the state’s energy efficiency portfolio and spur some $15 billion of investment in new solar and wind projects to be built in the Prairie State. That legislation, known as the Future Energy Jobs Act, will help achieve a 56 percent reduction in greenhouse-gas pollution from the power sector, almost twice what is required for the state under the Clean Power Plan.

The Energy Bill is Not a Bailout

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This legislation represents an investment in working families, new job expansion and our clean-energy future. It is decidedly not a bailout, as some have charged. The bill is the product of a more than two-year process that brought together a wide variety of typically opposed groups—more than 200—including business, labor, environmental and consumer organizations.

Illinois Passes Huge, Bipartisan Energy Bill, Proves Democracy Still Works

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The Future Energy Jobs Bill (SB 2814) is notable not only for its scale, but for the process that produced it. A wide variety of stakeholders were involved in negotiations, from utilities to environmental-justice advocates. The Illinois legislature is controlled by Democrats, but the bill passed on bipartisan votes in both houses and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner signed it into law on Wednesday.

A Huge Success in Illinois: Future Energy Jobs Bill Signed Into Law

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The bill also creates the state’s first community solar program, which allows those not able to build solar on their roof the opportunity to subscribe to a shared project in their community. The bill also creates the Illinois Solar for All program, a comprehensive low-income solar deployment and job training program that will open up access to the solar economy for millions of low-income families.

Illinois Energy Bill: After Race to the Finish, What Does it All Mean?

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Meanwhile, the legislation was a surprising example of bipartisan cooperation between a Republican governor and a Democratic legislature which has failed to pass a state budget or much else. And despite their sometimes bitter differences during negotiations, most of the clean energy, environmental, consumer and community groups involved say it was an impressive example of collaboration that they hope will continue in the future.