The Future Energy Jobs Act: A Win for Illinois

The Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) strengthens the Illinois economy by taking important steps toward our state's clean energy future and preserving competitive rates. FEJA will:

The Future Energy Jobs Act Will:

expand energy efficiency programs

Substantially expand energy efficiency programs to drive customer savings and also expand options for commercial, industrial, and low-income customers.

Commit $750 million

Commit up to $750 million for low-income communities to save money and help them benefit from clean energy.

Protect 4,200 jobs

Protect 4,200 jobs and preserve $1.2 billion in economic activity annually.

Strengthen and expand the Renewable Portfolio Standard

Strengthen and expand the Renewable Portfolio Standard to ensure stable, predictable funding for renewable development, providing $180M per year – growing to $220M per year- in funding for renewable resources, including new wind power, large-scale solar power, and rooftop and community solar.

Position Illinois as a leader

Position Illinois as a leader in zero-carbon electricity.

Provide job training

Provide job training and create thousands of clean energy jobs in energy efficiency, energy innovation, and renewable power industries.

Preserve competitive rates

Protect consumers through a 25 cent monthly cost impact cap for residential customers through 2030 and a 1.3% cap for business customers.